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Simple computer desk white with wood accents for home office
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27 Page Plan


The i Computer Desk

Ideal desk for a bedroom office. hide away cords and clutter. Printer drawer.

  • Deminsions: 5 foot 11.5 inches wide and 2 foot 3 inches deep

    Simple to Build

    Once you get home from the hardware store with your materials, you will be able to start cutting right away. Cuts are simple and the hardware makes it easy to put together without a lot of complex joinery work.

    Modern Style and Innovation

    The simplicity of the drawer structure enable the storage of many peripherals that can be connected to your computer and ready to use (printers, scanners, microphone, amps, instruments, MP3 Player). Save a drawer for easy access to paper. The bottom drawer is sized to fit a box of files that you can quickly store away at the end of the year and replace with a fresh box.

  • computer desk drawers

    Strong Quality Construction

    Because the use of hardware, sturdy construction and strong quality materials, The i Computer Desk can hold a lot of weight. When standing on this desk it doesn't crack bend or even shake.

    computer desk drawers open

    Thorough and Easy Instruction

    These instructions are loaded with over 50 easy to understand diagrams and illustration that guide you step by step or if you would like to slightly customize or just free wheel you can use the schematics as your guide to making cuts and assembly.

  • List of Materials

    Buying all your building materials at once can save you time and money. VanAlder design plans come with a complete list of materials that you will need including hardware, paint and lumber. All materials needed can be found at you local hardware store.

    How and Where to Start Cutting

    VanAlder does all the planning for you so that you hit the ground running. With diagrams showing order of cuts, you will be able to start constructing the desk as soon as you return from the hardware store.

    Recommended tools

    The i Computer Desk was designed with simple cuts in mind so that you can use basic power tools to build this desk. A complete list of recommended tools is included with the plan.

  • How to Put the Pieces Together

    Most of the pieces are assembled with screws. This plan includes detailed diagrams showing you where to drill pilot holes and which screws to use.

    How to Paint and Finish

    The U Computer Desk can be painted white as shown in the photos or customized to match your office or living space. The plan will show you what kind of paint to buy and how to apply.

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