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The U Computer Desk

Very economical U-Shaped Computer Desk. Hides all your peripherals giving you a focused office workspace.


Simple Corner Desk

Great laptop desk. One sheet of MDF, minimal tools and labor to build!

The 3P Desk

Add the Legs or just mount this desk to the wall for a sleek modern look.


Our Plans are Unique

  • 1. Illustrated shopping list: The illustrations in our shopping list show you exactly what to buy.
  • 2. Cutting the material: We simplify the most difficult part of building furniture in both the furniture design and the way in which we give you the order of cuts using easy to follow Schematics.
  • 3. The assembly: This is similar to the process of assembling furniture you bought from the store. Just connect by part number with illustrations showing you how.

Print Your Plans

As soon as you purchase a plan on you will be able to print the plan directly from the website on the "My Plan Room" tab from a print friendly PDF.

Our Desk Designs

When we design a VanAlder desk, we start with the builder in mind. There are two questions we ask ourselves:
  • Will it be easy to build using basic workshop tools?
  • Are the materials accessible and can they be purchased at a local home improvement store?
Not only will you take pride in knowing you built your desk yourself but you will notice that the qualities of the desk are not the same as those designed for shipping crates or warehouses.
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Quality materials

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